Eidetics: Idyl for Malfunction Aesthetics

There to be dribbled out is an exclamation [!]
marks show a counterfeit intensity of immediate jazz hands--
switchy things that turn into spastic footloose,
melt Mojave clocks.

[Show me how to directly connect/
with the unseen]

They had all the components wired in the right places
where trees resembled poplar felt--leaves ticked
but quick was not foreseen

in future shadows
tock was: antimatter:
compressed: biofeedback:
and rustle [compost-rot] with crystal light-deplumed
gems gleamed then dulled from dyadic

[encysted] in moon's belly the world globes
to be seen as a fleeting moment of leaves'
clockwork Dalis.

[thus bellies-up [exquisite] circuitry.][!]